Boost your certification benefits by engaging in our FSC Sales Course. This course provides essential understanding of the value of FSC certification, and gives you all the good reasons why your clients should choose certified products. 


How to sell certified products

FSC labelWhich values and benefits do the FSC tickmark-tree and the Rainforest Alliance frog seal signify? To promote and sell your certified products, you need to understand their added value. 

  • The basics: How does FSC certification work? What is the overall purpose of this certification system? How is this achieved?
  • The added value of certified products: Understand the value and impact of FSC certification. Why is the origin of wood and paper products so important to consumers? How and why does certification benefit wildlife and communities?  
  • Brand value & story-telling with the FSC and Rainforest Alliance marks: You will be presented to consumer recognition figures and learn how these trademarks are used by industry leaders in branding and promotional campaigns. 
  • Crash course on safe claims: Don't risk your  credibility through misleading or inaccurate statements. Learn how to talk about FSC in a credible way. 


Training concept

The training can be tailored to your needs. The typical duration of face-to-face training conducted at your premises is 2-4 hours. We can also deliver shorter online training.

The sales training can be combined with FSC trademark user training. If you opt for this, we recommend a full-day training event. 

At face-to-face training events, topics are covered through a mixture of presentations and interactive exercises.


Request a sales course

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