Shelf-wobbler-295 Are you sure that you couldn't benefit more from your certificate by promoting your certified products more strongly?  

We know - it is easy to ignore what you could do when your to-do list is full of things that you should do. If that describes your situation, try some of these easy and straightforward ideas. Or use them to generate your own!

FSC Marketing Toolkit: Ready-to-go shelf wobbler. All you have to do is insert your FSC license code. 



1 Use the logo and trademarks

FSC logoYou have many options for using the FSC trademarks, always providing you comply with the FSC trademark requirements and make sure to obtain formal approval.

  • Apply the label directly to your products, use hang-tags or label the product package.  
  • Use the trademarks across your company materials, to signal your certified status. Why not include the FSC logo in your company letterhead, e-mail signature, invoice templates, product catalogues, price lists, and annual reports?  



2 Use the FSC Marketing Toolkit & Visuals

FSC brandmarkFSC provides a comprehensive suite of visuals under the concept Forests for All Forever. This includes generic materials and visuals dedicated to specific purposes, such as floor vinyls, hangtags, shelf wobblers and social media.

Use your login for the FSC Trademark Portal to access the FSC Marketing Toolkit and download these visuals. 

Provide your buyers with ready-to-go information presenting the special value of FSC certification. You can use a variety of materials such as hang-tags, product sheets, and product packaging. Or why not provide in-store promotional materials such as shelf-barkers, posters or brochures that tell your product's FSC story. You can use materials in the FSC Marketing Toolkit for this purpose.



3 Use your newsletter

NewsletterIf you have a client newsletter, why not use it to promote your FSC certification? Include a short standard text about your FSC certificate or simply "ask for FSC certified products" in all your newsletters. Or include news and articles promoting your certified products.



4 Join FSC events & campaigns  

FSC FridayFSC-International and many FSC National Offices regularly organise campaigns and events that you can join, such as the global annual FSC Friday.

You can often join special FSC stands at key trade fairs, and FSC side events are frequently organised at major conferences such as the Global Paper Forum. 



5 Tell your FSC story

FSC social mediaProduce a press release once you are certified. Next, communicate other milestones - for example, each time you expand your certified product range or offer certified in new markets. 

You can also communicate your support for FSC's goals and talk about how FSC makes a difference for the world's forests. 



6 Set goals and communicate them

GoalSet up realistic goals for your sourcing of FSC material and/or range of products carrying the label, and report on the progress you make. This enables you to communicate your commitment more strongly.  

Consider complementing this by adopting a procurement policy for paper/timber products that you buy, such as office paper. 



7 Boost your workplace  

FSC certificateYour certification can help instil staff loyalty and pride. Knowing that they work for a conscientious business enables your colleagues to be ambassadors for your organisation.

Use internal seminars, workshops, staff newsletters, or your intranet to make staff aware of your commitment to responsible forestry. For starters, simply hang your certificate on the wall.



8 Empower your staff

TrainingYou can enhance your organisation's FSC experience by providing targeted training for staff who work with FSC trademarks or sales of FSC products. Capacity building helps you to benefit as much as you should from your certificate.  



9 Connect with buyers on FSC Marketplace

FSC marketplaceYou can expand your network and increase your company's visibility using FSC Marketplace. This digital platform enables you to promote and showcase your FSC-certified products in one place. 

Everyone can access the platform but only FSC-certified businesses can create a company profile. This means by participating in FSC Marketplace you have gained a free – but FSC ‘guaranteed’ –advertisement. 

Visit the FSC Marketplace today at